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Our programs are adapted from Evanston Early Childhood Directors’ Council because we believe that children can learn better through plays and other interactive activities.

Our Philosophy & Programs

teacher having a discussion Our Philosophy: Playing to Learn/Learning to Play

Our childhood programs teach children to think creatively so they may succeed in a complex and ever-changing world. Purposeful play is developmentally appropriate and is a significant element of our early childhood program philosophy. The following emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

Play is a way of learning for children. During a typical day, there will be structured and unstructured periods, enabling children to learn at their own rate. Values that support learning through play include:

  • Children are viewed as thinkers, reflecting on their world.
  • Purposeful play is when children learn through the process of their efforts.
  • Children gain knowledge by building on a path of ever increasing knowledge.
  • Children are encouraged to make choices and practice individual decision-making.

Learning environments support purposeful play by:

  • Blocks of various sizes and materials
  • Materials and time for dramatic, imaginative play
  • Manipulative and table toys
  • Art materials and tools to explore
  • Sensory play materials, including sand and water
  • A library area
  • Music and movement activities
  • Outdoor and gross motor play
  • A quiet area for the child who needs to be alone
  • Ample and rich language and print
  • Writing tools and materials

Our safe, fun, and informative programs are focused on:

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