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Meet the teachers, staff members, and care providers of our learning center. You will appreciate that our team of professionals are qualified enough to teach and care for your child.

Our Staff

teacher and her students We at My Little Playhouse Learning Center make sure that we have hired only the best childcare providers to ensure the high-quality services for your children. Training and continual education in Early Childhood Care and Education are important to us!

Our staff members wear name tags for a reason, and they have the goal to reach for the STARS!

What do the STARS mean?

Each star represents one full year of service!

No Star = Staff is within the first year of employment

  • has completed an extensive background check & FBI fingerprinting
  • First aid & CPR certified
  • 8 hrs. of pre-service training
  • 24 hrs. of Early Childhood Education Training
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome/SIDS/Understanding childhood brain development

1 Star = 1 year of Service

  • All stated above
  • 48+ hrs. of Early Childhood Education Training

2 Stars = 2 years of service

  • 72+ hrs. of Early Childhood Education Training

3 Stars = 3 years of service

  • 96+ hours of Early Childhood Education Training

Each Additional STAR = Year of service

  • 24 or more additional training hours’ in Early Childhood Education for each year of service.

To learn more about our teachers and care providers, you can get in touch with us at 806-788-0881. Alternatively, you can personally visit us at 3628 50th Street, Lubbock, Texas. We are more than happy to meet you soon.